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GLOSAIR Decontamination Machine

GLOSAIR Decontamination Machine

Fully automated, no touch, airborne decontamination. The Oxy'Pharm GLOSAIR SYSTEM is an advanced technology for whole room decontamination, using a dry mist of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour.

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GLOSAIR Decontamination Machine

Developed around a heating and ionizing turbine, the product is diffused in its gaseous form ensuring no residue or corrosion (particle size : 5 µ). Whole room decontamination  – The airspace, above and beneath surfaces, inside furniture and fittings, even sensitive electronic equipment. Up to a Log 6 reduction against bacteria, spores, viruses and fungus –99.9999% efficacy. 99.9% biodegradable – simply breaks down into H2O & O2 (water & Ooxygen). HD touch screen intuitive interface: programming, tracking and reporting. Program memory facility: Memorises up to 20 programs to simplify use for repeat diffusions. Treatment history can be downloaded via USB (up to 200 treatments). Storage capacity for Noco Test Strips (100pcs) and an extra GLOSAIR Cartridge giving up to a further 2000mᶟ of treatment capacity. Built-in wheels for ease of transportation and mobility. Fully remote control operation for patient and user safety. Variable consumption levels, 1ml to 7ml per m³, to control the level of disinfection required – preventative or curative. Integrated ventilation: improves uniform coverage of treated area. For use with Oxy'Pharm GLOSAIR 400 Cartridge. Supplied with manufacturers 24 month limited warranty

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Manufacturer OXY'PHARM
Manufacturer Code GLOSAIR

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