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Eco-Tabs Uric Acid Tablets

Eco-Tabs Uric Acid Tablets

The clever, biological solution to the build-up of uric acid crystals

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Size 70G, Colour Blue
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Eco-Tabs Uric Acid Tablets

The microbiologists at Eco-Tabs have now developed a small nonpathogenic bacterial tablet specifically designed to digest (eat) uric acid in urinals. The digestion of uric acid eliminates odours and ensures that plumbing, pipework, fittings etc are free from corrosive and degrading uric acid crystals. The washroom will more pleasant and the equipment will be efficient with greater longevity. The tablets also contain oxygenation agents which provide much needed oxygen into the water keeping it aerobic and healthy.
By simply dropping an Eco Tab uric acid tablet into the urinal every month, the nonpathogenic bacteria are naturally flushed along pipework and into tanks/drains. The bacteria will only survive if it can digest (eat) uric acid. The bacteria will continue to digest until there is none left, at which point nanoscopic bacteria die off (with no residue) and are flushed away. Regular dosing will ensure that urinals, pipework etc are free from uric acid and odours.

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Manufacturer Eco WMT
Manufacturer Code ET-UR

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