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BioHygiene Soft Fabric and Carpet Cleaner 5 Litre

Code: 059310
A biotech-based fabric cleaner that breaks down and removes deep-rooted stains and odours from worn and dirty fabrics and carpets. The eco-friendly formula quickly targets organic matter, protecting fibres and leaving behind a fresh clean scent.
Size: 5 Litre
Colour: Clear
Case of 2
  • Cleaner: Removes stubborn stains and odours to restore and maintain worn and dirty fabrics.
  • Leaner: Concentrated formula reduces the cost per use and extends the life of fabrics.
  • Greener: Naturally-derived ingredients, reduced carbon footprint, PCR packaging.
£58.47 exc. VAT  
£70.16 inc. VAT

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Sustainability Rating Gold

Product Details

BioHygiene Soft Fabric and Carpet Cleaner 5 Litre

BioHygiene Soft Fabric and Carpet Cleaner utilise specialist bacteria to break down and remove stubborn, deep-rooted stains and odours, breathing new life into worn and dirty fabrics. The concentrated formula targets organic matter, from food and drink stains to footprints and tyre marks, to deliver fresh, clean fabric with a soft cotton scent. Specifically designed to tackle organic stains and odours, including human and pet accidents and food-based spills (milk, red wine, egg, gravy, sauces and fruit juices). Triple action: cleans, breaks down and lifts stains and deodorises. Residual cleaning action extends the lift of fabrics and provides long-lasting odour control. Fast enzymatic action provides immediate odour relief. Suitable for use on most colourfast surfaces. PCR packaging. Reduces carbon footprint. Sustainable, renewable ingredients. No harsh chemicals.

Manufacturer BioHygiene Manufacturer Code BH017

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