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ABS ALGAEZAP 1 Organic Matter Degrading Powder 250G Sachet

Code: 044382
ABS ALGAEZAP 1 Organic Matter Degrading Powder 250g Sachet harnesses the power of bacteria reduces build up of cyonabacteria, duckweed, scum/silt. Reduces pump blockages, restores the beauty of aquatic scenery. 100% environmentally friendly.
Size: 250G
  • Being completely free from pathogens, chemicals, biocides, bleaches, and non-synthetic enzymes.
  • No COSHH or PPE is required to use or handle the products.
  • We use specifically formulated bacteria to digest uric deposits and bactophiles to breakdown limescale build-up.
£27.50 exc. VAT  
£33.00 inc. VAT

Product Details

ABS ALGAEZAP 1 Organic Matter Degrading Powder 250G Sachet

Nutrient pollution from sewage outflows and agriculture is a major problem, causing serious adverse impacts on human health and the environment and, critically, contaminates freshwater resources. Nitrates and phosphates cause eutrophication, where a body of water becomes progressively enriched with minerals and nutrients. Uncontrolled, this leads to proliferation of toxic algae, stagnation, deoxygenation, scum, putrid odours and, ultimately, ecological collapse. In contrast to conventional techniques, ALGAEZAP 1�s bacterial-based treatment tackles the issue by reducing the sludge at the bottom of the lake/pond and removes the excess of nutrients, avoiding the occurrence of eutrophication and consequently reducing algal blooms. This natural solution also eliminates unwanted smells, facilitates cleaning and prolongs the life of pumps, fountains and waterfeatures. It is significantly better for the environment, with the only by-products being water (95%) and CO2 (5%). The small amount of CO2 released as a by-product contributes towards Net Zero Carbon policies as the non treatment, or alternative treatments represent higher emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere. An annual treatment of one 250g sachet per 13m2 applied over a twelve week window between spring and summer should be sufficient to keep algal numbers to a minimum. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Manufacturer Advanced Bacterial Sciences Manufacturer Code ALGAEZAP 1

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