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FreshCheck Hygiene Verification Tool


Fresh Check is the fastest, simplest and most affordable method to confirm that your surfaces and equipment are clean. If our spray changes from purple to any other colour, it indicates that dangerous levels of contamination are left on surfaces. Whether it’s bacteria, chemicals, food or debris Fresh Check helps ensure high standards of cleanliness.


Below you can find guidance on how to best use the Fresh Check spray, along with forms to record the results of your testing and safety information that might be relevant to your uses.

How To Use FreshCheck



Using ATP or colour-change swabs is costly and often requires expensive equipment to determine the results. Fresh Check provides the same sensitivity to contamination as ATP swabbing. Fresh Check can replace or work in tandem with ATP testing to help save money and time.


Fresh Check has the added bonus of warning users about chemical contamination. New legislation prevents excess chemicals on surfaces, so there has never been more need to make sure chemicals are being correctly used. Using Fresh Check can help to train your staff to use the correct cleaning methods.

FreshCheck - Fast.Affordable.Simple