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6669 Scott Xtra 1Ply Interfolded Hand Towels White

Code: 066142
White, 1 ply, interfolded hand towels, ideal for busy food contact areas & busy washrooms. Unique Airflex technology & carries the European Ecolabel. Consistent quality, at an affordable price. 20cm (W), compatible with dispensers 6945, 7171, 8971 & 9962. 15 packs x 240 white, 1 ply sheets (3,600 total)
Size: Medium
Colour: White
Case of 3600
  • Interfolded hand towels that dispense one at a time, reducing waste and keeping refill frequency and costs to a minimum
  • Made using unique Airflex Technology. Soft, Strong & highly absorbent, even when wet.
£88.64 exc. VAT  
£106.37 inc. VAT

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Sustainability Rating Silver

Product Details

6669 Scott Xtra 1Ply Interfolded Hand Towels White

Scott hand towels are softer, more absorbent and Stronger than conventional towels, providing consistent quality at an affordable price. The clever, interfolded design helps to prevent towels from ripping when being pulled from the dispenser, and ensures only single towels are dispensed each time, reducing mess and wastage. The unique Airflex technology ensures that each lightweight single-ply towel is absorbent and Strong, even when wet, preventing them from becoming soggy or ripping. Scott hand towels carry the European Ecolabel; your guarantee that they are manufactured responsibly at every step of the process. Individual sheet size 31.5cm (L) x 20cm (W). Compatible with Aquarius Folded Hand Towel Dispensers (product codes 6945 and 7171) and Kimberly-Clark Professional Folded Hand Towel Dispensers (product code 9962 and 8971). 15 packs x 240 white, 1 ply sheets (3,600 total)

Product Accreditations

Product Weight 6.54 KG
Country of Origin France
FSC Accredited No
Nordic Swan Accredited No
Ecolabel Accredited Yes
Other Accreditation No
Tested on Animals No
Packaging Material Plastic
Manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Professional Manufacturer Code 6669

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