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Pasture Olive Kernel Nourishing Hair Wash 300ML Case 6

Code: 061303
Dispenser: 061310, 061366, 061367, 061369. Refill 061296. Supports hair and scalp natural defence systems. Maintains good body and skin fitness.
Size: 300ML
Case of 6
£79.69 exc. VAT  
£95.63 inc. VAT

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Product Details

Pasture Olive Kernel Nourishing Hair Wash 300ML Case 6

Nourishing Hairwash with Keratin proteins and minerals. A cleansing and revitalising wash infused with Olive Kernel extract, Keratin proteins and Chlorine neutralisers to give hair body and gloss whilst helping to heal and protect the scalp. Olive Kernels contain the Olive Trees' natural reserve of essential life components. These include protein, fibre, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants which help support the hair's natural defence system to maintain good body and skin fitness. Each bottle doses 600 pumps, making this long lasting and excellent value. 5 Litre refills (when used with a 30ml moving nozzle pump) allow for the bottles to be topped up and kept looking great. The refill provide a further 10,000 pumps, reducing packaging and waste to landfill by up to 90%. Refill code: 061296 A collection of Wall and Counter Top holders provide a number of solutions to present the bottles, make them simple to use in public environments and secure against theft. Wall & Counter Holders: Single Aluminium Holder: 061367 Double Aluminium Holder: 061369 Double Stainless Holder: 061310 Double Counter Top Stand: 061366 Starter kits reduce the initial cost of purchasing holders. These include one case of product with Single Holders and two cases with Double Holders. Starter Kits: Single Aluminium Starter Kit: 061368 Double Aluminium Starter Kit: 061370 Double Stainless Starter Kit: 061361

Manufacturer Pasture Naturals Manufacturer Code 4-4251

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