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Here at BCHS we have invested heavily in our automated vehicle routing system, Telogis, which automatically routes vehicles, calculating the most efficient delivery route to your sites taking

into account fuel, traffic, road closures and other factors.


This in turn will ensure that all deliveries made are carefully planned in order to limit the number of journeys, as well as reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions within all areas and beyond.

Innovative Features


• Routing software allows estimated time/miles/order delivery details for each drop

• Creates manifests for advice notes

• Less carbon emissions due to efficient route planning – most effective route using programmed  

  roadworks and traffic system

• Better planning allows more deliveries and routes per day

• Routing deliveries in the most efficient way saving fuel, reduced emissions & time.

• Decreasing the number of routes and vehicles needed to complete our daily schedule

• Identifying deliveries within a close proximity of each other, thus reducing the amount of trips

• Monitors driver speed, swerving & hard breaking encouraging safer driving and reducing

  fuel usage & emissions

• Monitors idling encouraging drivers to switch off when not moving. 1 hour idling = 1 gallon fuel

  wasted and unnecessary emissions

• Tracking vehicle locations at all times, helping us to predict delivery arrival times