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Lux Aeroguard Sense

Lux Aeroguard Sense

The touch-free air purifier which removes 99.95% of contaminants in the air through 5 levels of filtration and helps fight against viruses and bacteria using the UV-LED

Code: 186988

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Colour Black

Lux Aeroguard Sense

Fight back against contaminants in the air pollution by using the Lux Aeroguard Sense.  With a 5-level filtration system, the Aeroguard Sense provides fresh and healthy air in a large indoor area. Firstly, the prefilter will remove large particles such as hair and fibres. HEPALUX filtration technology with HEPA H13 filter ensures a 99.95% filtration rate and photo-catalytic oxidation with the UV-LED fights bacteria and viruses. The activated carbon filter reduces gases as well as natural and chemical odors such as tobacco and food odours. The Ionizer releases negatively charged Ions which stick to the positively charged harmful particles, making them heavier and causing them to fall to the floor.  It has a large Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), cleaning up to 765m3 of air in an hour. Finnally, innovative WaveTouch mwans you can adjust all its settings simply by waving  your hand.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer LUX
Manufacturer Code AERO12

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