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6621 Scott Control Slimroll Rolled Hand Towels White
Code: 065991
Scott Control washroom solutions are designed to support hygiene compliance. Scott Control rolled paper towels are gentle rolled hand towels designed to be kind to the skin, offering added softness for repeated hand drying which in turn helps to increase staff hand hygiene compliance. 6 x 150m = 3,600 sheets, white, 1 ply Slim roll rolled hand towels (900m total)
Colour: White
Case of 6
  • Gentle Slim roll hand towels are kind to the skin for frequent hand drying in space constrained, hygiene critical environments
  • These compact hand towels utilise Airflex Technology for faster absorbency and more hygienic drying
£40.44 exc. VAT  
£48.53 inc. VAT

Product Details
6621 Scott Control Slimroll Rolled Hand Towels White

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott Control washroom solutions, designed to support washroom hygiene compliance control in the workplace. Scott Control Slim roll hand towel system is designed to improve hand hygiene compliance in washroom environments that have limited space. This white paper towel roll, when coupled one of the compatible dispensers, has the features and functionalities designed to encourage effective and efficient everyday hand drying in space constrained environments. Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination. The paper towels are designed to be gentle and kind to the skin, ideal for environments where hygiene compliance means frequent hand drying. This gentle hand towel roll also contains unique Airflex Technology, resulting in faster absorbency for faster, more effective hand drying whilst also using less and creating less waste. The compression technology used for these Slim roll disposable hand towels enables us to increase the number of paper towels we can fit on one compact roll, more roll towel for space constrained areas which helps to reduces run outs, decrease maintenance time and further encourage workplace hygiene compliance. This roll of paper towels is proudly stamp embossed with the Scott brand for added customer assurance. The compatible Kimberly-Clark Slim roll dispensers, Aquarius Slim roll hand towel dispenser in white (code 7955) or black (code 7956), has a compact 'one-wipe-clean' design with a clever 'never-run-out' stub roll feature that further increases the capacity of the system by 5%. These hand towels feature compression technology for increased sustainability through reduced storage and transportation. These paper hand towels are European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance. Food contact certified. 6 x 150m = 3,600 sheets, white, 1 ply Slim roll rolled hand towels (900m total)

Product Accreditations
Product Weight 5.8KG
Country of Origin France
FSC Accredited NO
Nordic Swan Accredited NA
Ecolabel Accredited YES
Other Accreditation NA
Tested on Animals NO
Packaging Material Plastic
Manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Professional Manufacturer Code 6621
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