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8383 WypAll® X70 Brag Box

8383 WypAll® X70 Brag Box

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Reusable high absorbency Wipe. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks e.g. cleaning tools and machinery, wiping away oil, grease, grime and solvents, and wiping down.

Code: 005152

Kimberly-Clark Professional

£50.33 Each (ex. VAT)

£60.40 inc. VAT
Size 152 Sheet, Colour White
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8383 WypAll® X70 Brag Box

The WypAll® X70 is the perfect solution for medium-duty cleaning tasks of all kinds. Our unique Hydroknit* technology ensures they are strong enough to withstand the roughest surfaces and absorbent enough for the greasiest, oiliest and heaviest spills. 
This product comes in the flexible BRAG* Box system, which gives you controlled access to hygienically protected wipers when you’re cleaning or wiping on the move.
The X in X70 stands for eXtended life; each cloth is rinsable and reusable enabling you to use fewer cloths, reducing your costs.  No wonder the WypAll® X70 range is the wiper of choice for industry professionals who demand a versatile and multipurpose cleaning solution. 
This product is sold as 1 box x 152 white, 1 ply cloths.  Individual cloth size 42.7cm (L) x 31.8cm (W).

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Kimberly-Clark
Manufacturer Code 8383

Product Accreditations

Product Weight 2.1KG
Country of Origin US
FSC Accredited NA
Nordic Swan Accredited NA
Ecolabel Accredited NA
Other Accreditation NA
Tested on Animals NO
Packaging Material Cardboard

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