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Helping create safe and clean environments

We utilise innovation and sustainability to help our customers protect people and the environment by creating the world's cleanest and safest workplaces and communities.

We source cleaning and hygiene products and ensure they are delivered on time so that facility management teams can create safe and clean environments that protect people while they are away from home.

Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies is the UK's leading supplier of janitorial, cleaning and hygiene products and we are part of Bunzl Plc, one of the fastest-growing international distribution and outsourcing groups.

A Unique Digital Relationship

Our Advantage platform is a digital solution with an exceptional blend of digital capabilities, outstanding service and top-quality products. We have a market-leading solution for you, giving you unique cost control and approval procedures online.

Your personal login provides access to your specific range of contracted products, ensuring you are buying at the best price every time you place an order.

Ability to restrict certain locations, contacts or users to a specific range of products, ensuring you have full compliance and no Health and Safety issues on site. We ensure that the products we supply meet all the required legal and professional industry standards.

We work with many global partners to provide a wide range of quality products from industry-leading manufacturers, who constantly offer you innovation and great choices. Getting your product range right is essential to improving efficiency and productivity on site.


For years, we have committed ourselves to being a more sustainable business. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by considering our actions and working with customers and suppliers to develop and implement solutions.

Being ISO 14001 accredited (an international standard for the design and implementation of effective environmental management systems) and a Gold Member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School shows our long-standing commitment to being an environmentally conscious business.


Across our branches, we continue to implement environmentally friendly measures. This includes efficient waste management, carbon footprint reduction, and the monitoring of our water use and fuel and energy consumption.

All of the electricity we use in our offices and warehouses come from 100% renewable sources. We are fitting LED lights to our buildings and have active programs to reduce waste to landfill.

We utilise a state-of-the-art vehicle telemetry routing system which ensures every vehicle within our fleet uses the most efficient delivery run each day to ensure that traffic idle time and vehicle mileage are constantly minimised so that CO2 emitted by our vehicles is kept as low as possible.


We proudly have a highly sustainable approach to our team members. Wherever possible we promote from within and recruit and develop our own talent. We utilise a leading online training portal that all team members can access to develop their own skills and learning. Our employees have access to several benefits to support mental, physical and financial well-being.

Bunzl Plc has recently launched an 'Inspiring Women in Bunzl' (IWIB), which aims to be the catalyst for Bunzl to lead the way in creating a supportive and empowering culture for women to achieve their goals.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly searching for the market's most innovative products and solutions. If they pass our strenuous Innovation Panel which is made up of a team of very passionate experts from within BCHS by demonstrating they have real innovative qualities and features, we then feature them in our market-leading publication Innov8 which we publish on a quarterly basis.

Many of the products we have featured in Innov8 have been award or multi-award-winning products and we pride ourselves on being the first supplier to take them to market and showcase them to our customers.

National Coverage, Local Support

With 18 branches across the UK, we can guarantee that there's a Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene supplies branch near you. We offer fast, timely delivery, for free on all overs over £50, plus the option to collect your order in person.

Having your own fleet of distribution vehicles and fields sales technical support enables us to provide fast-response support to your business too, and an unparalleled level of local customer care with the seamless efficiency of a national company.

Whatever the size, type of location of your business, we're here to meet your needs, right when you need us.

An Unbeatable Range of Products

We have a complete range of exclusive brand products including Cleanline cleaning products, CleanWorks cleaning equipment and Pristine washroom products.

We are also proud suppliers of over 8,500 products from leading brands and manufacturers including Diversey, 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Vileda, Procter & Gamble, SCA and Deb, to name but a few. Our close partnership with these brands means that our business customers benefit from their industry expertise and technical support as well as that of the Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies team.

Service, Not Just Supplies

At Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies we don't just deliver our goods, we can also offer advice, training, technical support, product use reporting, and product dispenser provision and fitting to our customers so that they can make the most informed and profitable decisions for their business, and get the very best out of our products and resources.


Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees and its first priority. A risk assessment has been conducted in accordance with Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19, which was issued on 11th May 2020.

The risk assessment has been used to identify potential risks related to exposure to, catching and spreading COVID-19 and has identified the measures needed to reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures, in order of priority. The risk assessment recommendations have been shared with our employees.

Measures In Use to Reduce Risk:

  • Increasing the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning in the workplace
  • Enabling our employees to work from home where possible
  • Taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2-metre distance in the workplace
  • Keeping the activity time involved in tasks as short as possible
  • Using back-to-back or side-to-side working (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible
  • Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using 'fixed teams or partnering' (so each person works with only a few others)
  • Finally, where people must work face-to-face for a sustained period with more than a small group of fixed partners, then we have assessed whether the activity can safely go ahead. In such circumstances, where required, additional Personal Protective Equipment, for instance, face coverings, have been made available.

Particular regard has been given to employees who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and appropriate measures have been taken to minimise their personal risk, including home working and reassignment to tasks and activities that reduce the personal risk to the lowest reasonably practical level.

Particular regard has also been given to understanding the circumstances of those with protected characteristics and any measures or adjustments that may be needed to address a different degree of risk or alternative measures that may be required under the Equality Act 2010.

The government guidance related specifically to working safely in Warehouses, Offices and Contact Centres, Vehicles and Retail Branches has been incorporated into the risk assessment.

Furthermore, the risk assessment has taken into account Government guidance on travelling to and from work, meetings in the workplace and the presence of visitors and contractors at Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene locations.

The risk assessment that has been carried out will be kept under review and revisited periodically, or where Government guidance is amended or updated.