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Getting hands-on with volunteering

At BCHS, we always strive to diversify our engagement with charities and local community causes. In addition to Emmaus, BCHS commit to raising funds and helping charities, businesses, and councils within our local branch areas. In 2022, our branches supported Place2Place, Macmillan Cancer Support, The Hygiene Bank, and Cancer Research with fundraising activities and product donations.

Every employee has one day's paid volunteering leave to support a cause of choice; this could be spending a day with Emmaus, delivering conservation work or helping their local school. Through our employees, we can give back over 39000 hours of volunteering each year. We supported various causes this year, including Ukraine relief efforts, Dartford Health School, Butterwick Hospice, and a charity football match.

Getting hands-on with volunteering

Collaboration is one of the key values we share at BCHS, we work together, succeed together and celebrate together. We channel this into all our charity and community volunteering efforts.

Butterwick Hospice Project 2023

Last year, the BCHS Tyne & Wear branch volunteered at Butterwick Hospice with support from suppliers, including Essity, 2Pure, and Kimberley-Clark. The branch used their volunteering days collectively, devoting a week of their time to transform the outdoor areas used by inpatients at Butterwick Hospice. There were five gardens and a courtyard that needed nurturing following COVID-19. Along with the suppliers, the Tyne & Wear branch bought and donated plants, decorative features, lighting, tools, and a lawnmower to the hospice for future use.

Community Investment

We are committed to corporate responsibility through support for appropriate non-political and non-sectarian projects, organisations, and charities that are in the fields of healthcare, disability, environment, education and benevolent societies. 

Each Business Area across Bunzl is encouraged to develop their own local charitable giving programmes as part of considering its impact on the local community. 

All employees are encouraged to act as responsible and responsive citizens of their communities and to support projects, organisations and services that work towards the common good and improvement of their community and society.