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An evaluation tool to forecast and reduce customer supply chain emissions.

With Carbon Forecast, we can use your delivery data and ordering profile to calculate and project what your carbon emissions with us will be. We use our monthly gas, electric and diesel consumption in conjunction with our monthly deliveries to work out the CO2 e emissions per delivery. We can then work with you to show you how small changes can result in big changes to carbon emissions.

A programme to encourage changing behaviours by offsetting customer delivery emissions.

BCHS are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to participate in Carbon Offset to offset the emissions associated with their deliveries through verified schemes in partnership with Carbon Forecast. This makes the deliveries from our branches to their sites carbon neutral in an effort to improve the efficiency of our service and support our customers’ sustainability strategies. Using Carbon Forecast, we can apportion our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to participating customers and project the impact of working together on our carbon footprint.

We already work with customers to encourage placing fewer large orders, rather than lots of small orders, which helps to reduce the emissions associated with fulfilling those orders from our branches and our fleet. However, Carbon Offset enables us to improve our operational efficiency, reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and account for emissions we are currently unable to remove by conditionally offsetting customer delivery emissions following a commitment to create smart ordering profiles and require fewer deliveries.

A visual indicator of a product’s sustainabiity to support sustainable decision-making.

At BCHS, we have been working hard to develop the Product Award. Built with our customers in mind, the Award is intended as a visual indicator of a product’s sustainability to support sustainable decision-making and open up discussions around sustainability in the cleaning & hygiene industry. 

We have defined a comprehensive set of criteria across our product categories; Chemicals, Paper, Wiping, Bags and Equipment as well as specific criteria for packaging. These criteria will be used to objectively assess the sustainability of our products against one another and falls into four scoring categories;

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