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Environmentally friendly spill control

CleanWorks have partnered with their strategic partner, Ecospill. Ecospill take hydrophobic materials before they go into landfill and recycle them to create highly effective and environmentally friendly spill response solutions. Making it easy to integrate sustainable practices into your daily operations.

Spill control in the workplace

Spills can have serious ecological and socio-economic consequences and are potentially hazardous to workers, the environment, and your organisation. Due to these potential consequences, it is imperative that there is optimal preparedness required to ensure that any spill issues are responded to safely, effectively, and efficiently.

High performing absorbents

If your staff routinely handles liquids as part of their role or uses spill kits and absorbents to deal with spills and leaks, it's vital that they are properly trained and qualified. Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies can offer a vast range of spill control products such as spill kits, absorbent rolls, socks, pads, and booms. 

Colour coding for absorbent types

Absorbents are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of containing and recovering spilled liquids in the workplace. Having the correct type of products on site will allow you to manage any potential workplace spillage. To ensure that you chose the correct type of absorbent, below is a simple guide to the colour coding.