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By choosing your consumable and dispenser together as a controlled system you gain complete control to deliver exceptional efficiency, sustainability and cost savings in your washroom.

Look beyond just the cost per case of your washroom essentials.
 Our controlled washroom systems provide sustained savings in spend, servicing, and waste over time – providing exceptional efficiency in your washroom operations.

Controlled dispensing systems deliver just the right amount of hand towel, soap or toilet tissue – removing waste in your washrooms

Controlled dispensing is the smart choice for the best cost-in-use

No more streaming tissue, waste on the floor, or unnecessary servicing. Elevate efficiency without forgoing hygiene. Discover how all your washroom needs can be met with controlled dispensing systems.

Our Controlled Dispensing Solutions

Discover our complete range of controlled dispensing systems to meet all your washroom needs

Take control of efficiency, sustainability and hygiene in your washroom

Your choice of washroom systems can impact overall efficiency and experience in your washrooms. The right dispenser and consumable in combination can provide long-term improvements in your facility.