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Keeping hands clean helps to reduce the risk of transmitting germs. What should you do to prepare and help keep your people and places safe this cold and flu season?

Ahead of the winter months, there can be a real concern that cold and flu infection rates will again start to rise. This, coupled with a heightened public awareness of the dangers posed by infectious diseases following the pandemic, requires the implementation of common approaches to hygiene, founded in a clear scientific understanding of modes of transmission and targeted at preventing the spread of infections in public spaces. Flu season is an opportunity to underline the role of individual behavior in ensuring hygiene and reducing risk; everyone must be made aware that they have a part to play in preventing the spread of infection.

Help keep your facilities safe from the spread

Targeting these key moments can be achieved by equipping facilities with the right hygiene infrastructure and educating individuals about the dangers they pose to themselves and others if they do not adopt better practices. This flu season, supporting behavior change toward a culture where the risk moments are clear to all and where targeted hygiene is practiced at those moments is one of the best ways to minimise risk and create safe, healthy public spaces and workplaces. Our dedicated range of hand hygiene and surface cleaning & disinfection products, which when used in combination with each other and as part of a programme can help effectively break the chain of infection.

This cold and flu season, read more about Targeted Hygiene and request a free site audit for your facility here.

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