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Touch-Free Sanitising Stations



Keep your business, employees & customers protected with our range of sanitiser stations solutions.


Sanitising Stations are a great solution for encouraging staff and customers to promote good hand hygiene, helping to minimise the spread of viruses. Our range caters for different customer needs, from a low-cost to fully bespoke options. All our stations come fully assembled and ready-to-use.


Dispensers & Sanitising Stations Range

Bespoke Sanitiser Station 

We Supply bespoke branded sanitising stands which will both fit with your brand and protect people. You can choose colour and add branding to create a unique design and comes with an automatic dispenser. Powder coated metal unit, small footprint, easy to move and clean, UK manufactured.


Full Sized

350mm x 400mm x 1500mm

Product Code: 159903


Desk Sized

350mm x 400mm x 150mm

Product Code: 159904


Touch-Free Sanitiser Station

Automatic touch-free hand sanitiser station helps fight against the spread of germs and ideal for use in any environment. Light and durable stand, made of aluminum. Free standing, easy moved for use in any location. Eye catching hand sanitising station with a small footprint. Touch-free automatic dispensers helps fight against the spread of germs. 1 litre bulk fill capacity dispenser ideal fo use with hand sanitiser. 



320mm x 1500mm

Product Code: 061995







Touch-Free Sanitiser Station 

Free-standing, easy moved and ideal for use in any location. Can be paired with automatic dispensers 270069 and 061994. 

300mm x 180mm x 1220mm

Product Code: 270068