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Powered by the Product Award

Built with our customers in mind, our Sustainable Product Basket helps overcome the difficulties of finding sustainable products by making it easier for you to browse our sustainable product options. The basket uses our Sustainable Solutions Product Award, a visual indicator of product sustainability, to help you choose the most suitable products for your cleaning and hygiene needs. The Product Award enables you to make informed decisions on the products you buy, improves access to sustainable choices, and drives positive change through our supply chain.

We have defined a comprehensive set of criteria across our product categories to objectively assess the sustainability of our products against one another. This criterion falls into four categories: Producer, Production, Packaging and Product. Depending on its performance against the criteria, a product will receive an award in each key category of bronze, silver, or gold, or No Award if the minimum threshold is not met. From these awards, a total score equally weighted across the four categories is given.

The Sustainable Product Basket

In this basket, you will find our gold and silver awarded products and select ranges of products that we know offer a more environmentally responsible alternative in areas where criteria are still under development. This range has been curated to support you in achieving your sustainability goals and identifying suitable alternatives, whether it’s about reducing plastics, finding low-hazard chemicals, or single-sheet dispensing.

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