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PRISTINE 2Ply V-Fold Hand Towel White
Code: 067374
A premium 2ply interleaved v-folded hand towel. Soft and absorbent, ideal for any washroom environment and volume of traffic. Made with quality pure pulp fibres this product is perfectly suited for hand drying both front and back of house locations.
Size: 210 x 210MM
Colour: White
Case of 4000
  • Recyclable cardboard carton made from 100% recycled board.
  • Inner sleeve wraps are made from recyclable LDPE plastic.
£40.62 exc. VAT  
£48.74 inc. VAT

Sustainability Rating Silver
Product Details
PRISTINE 2Ply V-Fold Hand Towel White

Hand towels are supplied in stacked format and allow for easy refilling of the hand towel dispensing system. Towels are interleaved, meaning that they dispense one sheet at a time, so users only touch unused towels, making them a hygienic option for hand drying, whilst also limiting wastage. Each hand towel sheet measures 210mm x 210mm and is supplied in 15 sleeves (made from recyclable paper) of 267 sheets (case of 4,000 towels). Soft and absorbent premium hand towel made using quality pure pulp fibres and is FSC Certified. Manufactured in Europe, according to CHSA Soft Tissue Standard.

Product Accreditations
Product Weight 8.1 KG
Country of Origin Germany
FSC Accredited No
Nordic Swan Accredited No
Ecolabel Accredited No
Other Accreditation No
Tested on Animals No
Packaging Material Cardboard
Manufacturer PRISTINE Manufacturer Code PR6400