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Imop XXL Compact Scrubber Dryer 24"

Code: 822236
Imop XXLCompact scrubber dryer 24" supplied with a set of lithium batteries, charger, and brushes. Runtime of approx 70 mins, with a 5 litre solution tank.
£4,473.57 exc. VAT  
£5,368.28 inc. VAT

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Imop XXL Compact Scrubber Dryer 24"

Sometimes bigger can be better. The i-team proudly presents the new i-mop XXL: a re-engineered powerhouse that literally runs circles around the competition. With a larger scrub deck and new power management system, large obstructed areas become possibilities. This innovation allows the user to clean up to 2300 m2 in just an hour, flipping the script on how a larger scrubber should look, perform feel and handle. Start saving tremendous time when operating the machine and cut down on time on logistics on your larger workspaces. You can approximately save 20% of your time compared to walk behind auto scrubbers with a size of 50 to 75cm. Empower yourself with the i-mop XXL, where powerful innovation meets flexible design.

Manufacturer Killis Manufacturer Code IMOPXXL