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 Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to leading the way to zero waste in landfills. That’s why we created The RightCycle Programme—our industry-changing initiative that takes recycling personal protection equipment (PPE) and dispensers to a new level. Instead of used protective clothing, nitrile gloves and old dispensers going into landfills or incinerators, these previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at your facility and turned into raw materials used to create new products.

RightCycle Programme video

The RightCycle Programme for Hand Towels

Innovative ‘closed loop’ service that transforms your used hand towels into new Kimberly-Clark Professional tissue products.

The RightCycle Programme for Dispensers

This first-of-its-kind service offers an end-of-life solution for your old dispensers that helps your business reach net-zero waste to landfills or incineration.

The RightCycle Programme for PPE

The first manufacturer-led recycling service for used Kimberly-Clark Professional disposable nitrile gloves and protective clothing.

Sustainability Audit with Kimberly-Clark Professional

Do not overlook the products you use

As businesses and organisations move to a sustainable future, choosing products that are designed with sustainability – or even circularity – in mind can help reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and increase cost savings.

Find out more about RightCycle and explore the ICON collection