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Metsä is committed to a responsible future

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies has partnered with Metsä to ensure what is good for our customers and end-users, is good for nature as well. Soft hands, absorption capacity, and durability; are all signs of high quality and spotless hygiene – but also evidence of sustainability. Lower consumption and lower cost in use are achieved through optimized dispensers with high-quality paper products.

Innovative sustainable production

Raw materials come mainly from Metsä’s Northern Forests, where growth outpaces are used. Metsä ensure their sustainable management, growth, and natural values.

Metsä’s Environmental efforts are acknowledged

Biodiversity in the Nordic forests

In the Nordic forests, both the forest owners and the industry pay special attention to preserving biodiversity. Biodiversity flourishes by leaving retention trees and biodiversity stumps, preserving the decaying standing or fallen trees in the forests. This helps to provide vital living spaces for many different species, including fungi, insects and birds. 

Biodiversity is also protected by leaving buffer zones along waterways to prevent nutrient runoff into them.

In addition, the most valuable forest sites are left as they are for conversation. When using renewable and sustainable fresh fibres for producing tissues, Metsä can act sustainably across the whole value chain, starting all the way from the forests and resulting in high-quality, pure, and safe end products.

Katrin® is always clean & green – washroom products and solutions that are good for people and the planet

Clean & Green from Katrin®

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